Embrace Life Fall Winter 2012

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In 2012 bracht Buddha to Buddha haar eerste magazine uit. Dit magazine werd verspreid onder de verkooppunten en als je geluk had, kreeg je er eentje bij je aankoop. In het magazine introduceerde Buddha to Buddha zichzelf, nieuwe items uit de collectie, maar was voor de rest vooral ‘Embrace Life’. Mooi foto’s, mooi verhalen en mooie producten. In dit blog een terugblik op het Embrace Life magazine Fall Winter 2012

Dear reader,

Even though it was I myself that decided on the theme of this edition being friendship, I still find it hard to put my feelings truly into writing.

To be honest I’m not really that comfortable with the word friendship; it brings me right back to my chilhood in the small town of Abcoude, a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, where I discovered what it’s all about.

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Back then I split my time between hanging out at the local football club FC Abcoude and the tennis club there. It wasn’t the normal thing to be a member of one and also of the other, but I was always in between; never fully comitted to either – something I actually still prefer to do. Som call it fear of commitment; I call it tasting different environments. Behind every closed door there’s a surprise just waiting to happen, a new world to dive into.

Later the protected village feel was swapped for the Bijlmer, Amsterdam, where heavy slang and occasionally clenched fists were the order of the day within this mixed community of global origins.

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Friends, are they not the people that get you from day on? They’re the ones who you think small good and whose words taste of more. Their actions and touch make you feel warm. They’re the ones who dare to be a little more honest with you than sometimes you’d like. To me, a friend is not someone who is always there for me; I find taht a bit too clich├ę. Many of my close friends spend their time travelling or are just busy living their onw lives, but at the sight of each other, I almost immediately open up and I want to hear and know everything and share what I’m going through at that time. The tap of thoughts and feelings is open and we inspire each other to look at life even deeper and more pleassantly.

Within our organisation friendship is something that excites us. The friendship we build in Indonesia is one of our priorities this year and behind the scene we are working on ways to give back to the community, by raising funds for disadvantaged children on Bali with a limited edition collection (released early 2013). We’ll tell you more about that in our next issue.

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New friends too are always welcome. Our collaboration with photographer Bas Andries amazed us and made us look at our own product in a new way.

Inspired by the pioneering work of Jamie Beck, Buddha to Buddha collaborated with innovators Circus FAmily to bring our photo shoot and products truly to life on our new website. The results of which are mesmerising, disturbing and spooky all at once.

In this issue you’ll also find Candy Dulfer sharing her views on friendship and our talented colleague Ido delivers a mouth-watering friendly recipe.

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The team that has created this magazine is eeryone who is connected with Buddha to Buddha. We are proud of that and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Embrace life.

Batul Loomans
Founder Buddha to Buddha.

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